Your guide to business mastery, uncommon freedom and legacy wealth.


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Your Guide to Return on Life

What’s there not to love in a business journey that began with a $25 thousand dollar loan from a loan shark?

Julie Roy, best-selling author of The Multi-Million Dollar Mompreneur – Achieve Business Mastery, Uncommon Freedom and Legacy Wealth.

Julie Roy is an author, mom, wife, business owner, business mentor, speaker, podcaster and coach.

Julie Roy shares takeaways from her journey to financial freedom and a fulfilling life. While offering insights and concrete action items to help anyone striving to propel their business too.

  • The importance of beginning with the end in mind

  • Setting ambitious yet achievable goals

  • Maximizing your ROL— “Return on Life.”

  • How being a mother is integral to Julie’s sense of identity as a successful businesswoman

  • What’s fundamentally wrong with striving to balance work and family?

  • Harmonizing the demands of running a business and raising kids

  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs wary of giving up the steady income of a salaried job

  • Tips on cultivating connections

  • One thing to do tomorrow to be a better entrepreneur

Writing from the hard-earned wisdom of her own experiences, Julie Roy offers nuggets on everything from delivering an exceptional customer experience to setting boundaries with both owning your own business and being present with your spouse and children.

Through it all, she emphasizes the importance of focusing on abundance-not only in how you approach the challenges of running and building a business but also in your outlook on life and everyday interactions.

I’m here to share wealth-building strategies with elite entrepreneurs ready to boost your net wealth, cement your legacy, and get the ultimate Return on Life!

I’m Julie Roy!

I’m all about showing elite entrepreneurs like you how to transform your business and investments into sources of passive income, tax savings, and long-term legacy wealth.

I’ve spent over 20 years on that very same journey!  

In my early 20’s, I started my first business with $25K from a back-alley loan shark at a crazy 19% interest rate. It took a decade to position it for a decent exit. 

But the next time?

It took only 3 years, and I exited at 12x the multiple.

With my "triad" of savvy real estate strategies, I’ve scored multiple multimillion-dollar exits and have $600M in assets under management. 

Now, my family lives on 100% passive income with minimal tax liability, future generations are secure in our legacy wealth, and we’re ticking off dreams like exploring all 7 continents together!